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Kundli is the document that is created exclusively by Acharya ji after learning the date of birth of place and time. This is the basis of the predictions made by Acharya ji. He specializes in marriage love.

This is usually called Janamkundli. This is too good to be done when a person is born as well Panditji explains Rahu, Ketu, work, luck marriage toddler sun house .He explains everything according to the Kundli that can be used by one all his life to live a smooth life.

In this Panditji gives a detailed everything that is connected to your life report. It provides in-depth analysis on temperament, strengths and weaknesses, and personality characterstics.

Lots of other useful and interesting personal information that helps you make the right choices in life, and lead a more productive and prosperous life is part of this report. Acharya ji pandit specializes in marriage love.

You will receive the following data Janamkundali:

Birth details
Lagna Chart
Chalit Peak
Rasi Navamsa
Sudarshan Chart
Sayan Lagna Char
Sayan Peak Char
KP Lagna Chart
KP Peak Chart
KP Significator
Letters 16
Planetary Relations
Ashtotari Antar Dasa
Vimshotari Antar Dasa
Prati Vimshotari Antar Dasa
Favorable points
Compatibility Chart